The Eighth of March, or International Women’s Day, is a historical day for all women striving for excellence. 

In a male-dominated industry like trucking, it is important to acknowledge all the women in this industry. Women still face prejudice on a daily basis, having to worry about their safety, especially when working or resting in isolated areas. They also have to spend more time looking for facilities like restrooms, that are gender-specific. Restrooms and showers that are gender-neutral may present a safety concern for women. They may face challenges in career advancement, as this industry can still create an environment of discrimination and prejudice. 

The number of women in trucking was 12.1% in 2023 according to WIT. We’re hoping to see this number grow each year and make trucking a more inclusive and safe space for all. 

By thriving in traditionally male-dominated roles, women challenge stereotypes about trucking careers. Their success inspires others to consider the industry as a rewarding career option. 

We’ve created a list of activities and gifts for lady truckers to help you celebrate all the phenomenal women in this industry that you know. Here’s how you can show your appreciation for them this eighth of March. 

       1. Entertainment for her downtime

Some gifts that the significant woman in your life may appreciate could bring entertainment while on the road, or during her downtime. If she likes to listen to music or podcasts while driving, a fun idea is to get her a subscription to a streaming platform she would enjoy. We’ve also curated a list of advice to enjoy music or podcasts in a safe manner. 

Another great thing to do is to have a virtual meet-up. You can find a list of great apps and tools that will help you plan out a fun day even if she’s away from home here. This way you can celebrate her even if you’re on a budget. 

        2. Help her relax and enjoy herself. 

What could be the most relaxing thing a woman could get after a long day of driving? Here are a few suggestions:

-Spa Day voucher: Treat her to a relaxing spa day or massage to help her unwind and recharge.

-Dinner Delivery: Arrange for a delicious meal to be delivered to her truck or a nearby stop.

-A gift package of comfortable clothing or loungewear: Something cozy to relax in during downtime.

-Noise-Canceling Headphones or Earplugs: Provides a quiet space while resting during breaks.

-Care Package: Put together a care package with snacks, toiletries, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, and lotion for life on the road.

-Travel Size Exercise Equipment: If she finds relaxation in staying active consider getting her resistance bands, a yoga mat, or weights. Just make sure they are easily stored away in the truck. 

           3. Surprise her with trucking-specific gifts she could use daily

These gifts can be very useful, and you can definitely consider getting her one of them regardless of the occasion. Make sure to check whether she already owns any of these items first, if she’s a seasoned driver. 

-Comfortable Seat Cushion: A cushion designed for long hours of sitting can make a big difference in comfort during long drives.

-Bluetooth Headset: Allows for hands-free communication while driving, enhancing safety and convenience.

-Portable Power Bank: Essential for keeping devices charged while on the road.

-Truck GPS Navigation System: Helps navigate unfamiliar routes efficiently

-Hot Pot, Crock Pot, or Electric Skillet – These items will help her enjoy delicious meals even without an actual kitchen in her truck. We also have a list of easy recipes she can make in her truck using some of these items. 

Women in trucking play a vital role in the industry, overcoming challenges and breaking stereotypes. As we celebrate their achievements on International Women’s Day, let’s continue to support and empower female truck drivers. If you’re a woman in trucking looking for a supportive team, give us a call at (630)506-8869 and join our community today.