April: National Distracted Driving Awareness Month – Keeping Our Roads Safe

National Distracted Driving Awareness Month is an important reminder for all drivers to prioritize safety and focus while on the road. As part of our commitment to safety and supporting our drivers, we invite you to consider our lease purchase program, which offers a path to ownership while ensuring you have the resources and support needed to drive distraction-free. 

Tips for keeping your truck clean and cozy

Keeping your truck clean can also bring benefits! Even truck mechanics report being motivated by clean trucks to be extra attentive to do everything just right, and to watch out for spills.

Tips for safely driving downhill

Additionally, always keep a safe distance, have tire chains prepared, use proper signalization, fuel up, and make sure you’re well-rested before each trip.

Are you ready for a new journey?

Both new and experienced drivers can become independent contractors through Super Ego Holding!

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