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11 Best Apps for Truckers

Some of these apps will assist you in trip planning, others will offer you the opportunity to exchange points for rewards, and some will even take care of your well-being. We hope you will find these apps helpful on your trucking journey!


Our Sales Department – Trailers Under Your Authority

Super Ego Holding's Sale & Lease department is dedicated to providing the best equipment available on the market. Our highly professional sales representatives will advise you on what kind of equipment is best for your needs, guide you through the entire application process, and answer any questions you may have.


Getting Back on Track After SAP

After failing a drug or alcohol test, you will be required to fulfill SAP - Substance Abuse Program. This program is made out of 6 different steps, but the program itself can be altered to every individual’s needs and can last anywhere between 12 months and five years. 


Steps To Take After An Accident

When you drive, the most important rule is to keep your eyes on the road always, because a split second is enough to create a fatal accident. We have already given you a couple of tips on how to stay alert while driving...


Six tips for trucking with your pet

Riding alone can become pretty lonely when you’re thousands of miles away from home and family and nothing behind or in front of you except the road. Having a pet on board can spark some joy in your rides and make you feel less lonely.


Our Recruiters – Your Starting Point

We’re starting a series of texts introducing different teams of our company. The recruiters at Super Ego are helping you start your leasing journey, so we’re beginning with them. They are the first ones you will speak to; they will guide you through your hiring process, explain the whole offer...


A Few Tips on Being Successful in Leasing

With the leasing business model, you have many resources at your disposal to help you accomplish your goal of owning your equipment. Building relationships that reflect professionalism, effective communication, and focus are key components to success.


Acronyms Every Trucker Should Know

The trucking industry is the driving force that keeps America moving. Truckers are a vital part of that force. As owner-operators, it is important to know the industry lingo as you work with and are in contact with individuals in the transportation industry.

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