Women have been breaking stereotypes in the predominantly male-dominated trucking industry for decades. As more women embrace careers in trucking, they bring diverse perspectives, skills, and talents that contribute to the industry’s growth and success. In this blog post, we celebrate the valuable contributions of women in trucking and explore the challenges they face.

During 2022, the number of female drivers grew by 3% compared to the previous year, making it the year with the most female drivers ever recorded, around 13.7% to be exact. The growing number of women choosing to get a CDL and become professional drivers is especially good news when the industry has seen many difficulties in retaining drivers, as more and more drivers find it unsustainable to drive in a declining market. This decline has also affected female drivers, bringing the number to 12.1%. The reasons behind this are various and may include the safety risks that come with being a woman in this industry. At Super Ego, we cherish our female drivers and especially their safety, which is why we curated a list of precautions and tips on better protecting yourself a while ago. 

Despite the 2023 decline in female truck drivers, women are rising to leadership positions within trucking companies, becoming fleet managers, dispatchers, safety officers, and executives, making gender diversity more present in trucking each year. Their leadership skills contribute to more inclusive and well-rounded decision-making processes. Diversifying trucking can have many positive impacts, including improved safety records, an enhanced work culture, and greater reliability. Studies have shown that women are less likely to take risks and tend to have fewer accidents and traffic violations compared to male drivers. Their safety-conscious approach contributes to safer roads and fewer truck-involved accidents. 

By thriving in traditionally male-dominated roles, women challenge stereotypes about trucking careers. Their success inspires others to consider the industry as a rewarding career option. In fact, the number of associations and support networks that empower and encourage women to go into trucking has increased, and they continue to provide valuable resources and information for women all over the US. 

Albeit a growing number, 12% is still very low as women encounter unique challenges in this industry. Women may face stereotyping and bias, both within the industry and in the general public. Female drivers may have additional concerns regarding personal safety while on the road, especially when parking or resting in unfamiliar locations. Some equipment, like seats or cab layouts, might not be ergonomically designed for the average female, causing discomfort during long hours of driving. The limited representation of women in leadership roles within trucking companies can make it difficult for female drivers to find mentors or role models to guide their career growth.

As more women enter the trucking industry, it becomes more diverse and inclusive. Women bring different perspectives, problem-solving skills, and communication styles that enhance the overall dynamics of trucking teams and organizations. Trucking companies can foster a more inclusive and supportive work environment by highlighting initiatives that promote diversity and equal opportunities for women in trucking. Super Ego Holding is a trucking company that values diversity and inclusivity, is committed to supporting female drivers, and creates a safe and supportive work environment for all employees.