If you have ever wondered what the difference between American and European trucks is, we assure you it’s not just their looks.

However, that is their most noticeable difference. European trucks are also called “cab-overs”, meaning the cab sits over the engine. This makes the bobtail much more compact, whereas American trucks have a cab behind the engine, giving them their “long nose” appearance and nickname.









Putting the engine in the front makes American cabs much more spacious. This is because American drivers typically spend much more time on the road, doing longer hauls. American drivers doing OTR will usually spend several weeks or even months at a time on the road before heading home, which practically means their truck is also their second home. The sheer size of the cabin, as well as the equipment like microwaves, fridges, and storage size, allows them to live in their trucks comfortably. Cab-overs also have a sleeping compartment, however they’re not as comfortable and spacious. As one driver puts it: “In Europe, trucking is a job. In the US, trucking is a lifestyle.” We couldn’t agree more. 









Another difference is their performance. Some drivers who’ve had the opportunity to drive both of these agree that European trucks have a higher quality, are much more durable, and are less prone to breakdowns.

American trucks are more aerodynamic due to their design, and they’re accommodated to the wide interstates and highways. They’re generally more stable and designed with long rides in mind. 

There are also different regulations to take into consideration. European laws allow trucks a maximum of 61.5 feet in overall length. This explains why European trucks have a much smaller cabin. The small size of the cabin allows for a longer trailer, that would fit as much cargo as possible and make them more efficient. By US laws, a trailer can be 59 feet long, and there are no size restrictions for the cab. 

Not only are they restricted by the law, but European trucks are also smaller so that they can easily pass through many narrow streets in urban areas. Their height and compact design allow for greater visibility and maneuverability. 

Long-nosed trucks will save you from experiencing the noise and vibrations that come with sitting above the engine. This design will also cause less impact in a head-on collision, rather than just having a windshield in front of you. This is especially important considering the difference in speed limits between America – 85 mph, and Europe – 56 mph. 

Both of these trucks have many pros and cons, depending on the circumstances. Have you ever driven a European truck? 

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