We’re starting a series of texts introducing different teams of our company. The recruiters at Super Ego are helping you start your leasing journey, so we’re beginning with them. They are the first ones you will speak to; they will guide you through your hiring process, explain the whole offer, and assist you in preparing for the orientation. They will answer any questions you may have about the process, and we collected some of the most frequently asked ones to post here.

How much is take-home money?

That’s highly dependent on how much time you spend on the road since dispatch is flexible, which loads you choose, and your home time, along with the states you want to cover.

When will you have a flatbed available?

Our company mostly operates with dry vans and has a few flatbeds, but you can apply for a flatbed and if we have any available, you can speak with the yard manager about it.

Do your trucks have APUs, a fridge, a microwave, or an inverter?

Some of them do, the others don’t. We have more than 3,500 trucks with different equipment, so it’s up to you to choose once you arrive at the yard.

Is Volvo available?

We follow the market regarding that one, we are in constant communication with dealerships and do our best to have Volvo as often as possible. You can check with your recruiter/yard manager if there’s any available right now.

How long does the orientation last?

Orientation usually lasts 24-48 hours, depending on when you arrive at our office. When you choose a truck and trailer, you sign a contract and go for the orientation and a drug test. Once we receive your negative drug test and the clearinghouse is fine, you’re ready to start driving.

Why do I have to take the drug test in Chicago? Why not in my city?

It’s a company policy. In the past, there have been forgeries and fake drug test results, and then, if a driver with a forged drug test is chosen for a random drug test and it’s a positive one, they will automatically lose their job, and we will have a problem with a truck on the side of the road and undelivered load.

We cooperate with three med labs, and safety will randomly send you to one of them for a test. As simple as that.

Can I leave my car in the yard parking lot?

Unfortunately, right now we do not have an empty spot in our yard for drivers’ cars. We plan to have a bigger yard space just for those situations when drivers need to leave their cars in our yard.

Will you pay for my hotel room while the orientation lasts?

No, but we have a great partnership with two hotels that are near our yard. We can make sure to get you a nice discount.

I have a lot of experience with reefers; why can’t I get one right away?

A reefer needs to have an experienced driver who can easily handle loads on it, plus its equipment is expensive, so you will have to present your experience to the yard manager regarding that, and they will decide. For a start, we’d advise you to go with a dry van and switch to a reefer if/when possible.