With the leasing business model, you have many resources at your disposal to help you accomplish your goal of owning your equipment. Building relationships that reflect professionalism, effective communication, and focus are key components to success. Here are a few characteristics that you should possess to assist you in your journey.

Set a goal

Before you begin your leasing journey, make sure you have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish. Ask yourself: are you looking to buy off a truck, earn as much as you can, or are you simply looking to try something new after being a company driver? After you’ve set a specific goal, it will be easier for you to stay on track if you keep following your vision and don’t get discouraged by obstacles that may come your way. To stay focused, you must understand your situation and be able to assess what is needed for your desired outcome. To maintain your focus, it is good practice to write down your goals and revisit them as needed. Always remember your “why,” as in the reason you started this journey, to help you stay fixated on your goal.

Start off right

After you have fulfilled an application and arrived at the yard make sure to clearly communicate your wishes regarding your truck to a yard manager. Let them know what kind of truck you want, the model, age, mileage, and your budget for the truck. It is advisable to have some savings in your account even if you are getting a $0 down truck, just to help you stay on track during your first couple of weeks until you get adjusted and used to your new owner-operator status. After you have chosen a truck and trailer, make sure to do a thorough inspection and let your yard manager or recruiter know if there are any issues with the truck or trailer. 

Communicate clearly

Transportation is a relationship-based industry, and communication is very important in building business relationships. Good communication should begin with all departments within your carrier’s organization. It is also your responsibility to effectively communicate with your dispatcher, shippers/receivers, and others with whom you conduct day-to-day operations. To establish a clear and concise outcome, start building beneficial relationships with important communication techniques, such as:

  • Practice active listening – When someone offers advice, consider it. Your dispatcher, fleet manager, and recruiter are there to help you! 
  • Always stay calm – Try not to react impulsively and get hot-headed over minor inconveniences. If you communicate your issues on time, these situations can be avoided. 
  • Be clear and concise, and ask the right questions!

Effective communication helps resolve problems and can lead to quick solutions. Communicating effectively can help mitigate misunderstandings and conflict, which will boost productivity.

Be professional

Being professional at all times is very important when building relationships in business. Owner-operators should uphold a standard that reflects a good attitude and professional appearance. An owner-operator’s interactions with all parties involved in a freight expediting transaction should be carried out with superior customer service. Professional behavior helps separate business from personal life and keeps interactions limited to the business context. Your professionalism is projected in many ways:

  • Reliability – Take proper care of your truck and equipment. Park your truck in a safe place when you aren’t driving.
  • Responsibility – Always drive cautiously and carefully – for your safety, and the safety of other drivers, and to protect the load you are carrying from getting damaged. 
  • Punctuality – If you accept a load, make sure to deliver it at the scheduled time. 
  • Work ethic – remember your goals if at any point you get discouraged, and get back to chasing your trucking dreams.

Showing professionalism in every interaction can make way for new opportunities, while the lack of it can create barriers to your growth.

With the combination of professionalism, effective communication, and focus, your goals can be achieved without many obstacles. People do business with those they believe they can rely on, communicate with, and whose brand reflects professionalism, and we at Super Ego will help you achieve all that.