Trucking isn’t for everyone. There are so many things truckers need to be mindful of, including always having the safety of other vehicles and passengers, as well as themselves, in mind. Nevertheless, trucking is full of beauty. Being in the trucking industry allows you more flexibility than any office job ever will. You can plan the week based on the loads you accept. After knowing your work schedule, you can plan any outside activities around that. There is no 9-5 you have to follow strictly. Your office is driving past some breathtaking landscapes. It is an opportunity to earn and also a great option to be your own boss.

We have spoken with a couple of drivers who have been with Super Ego for a long time about the challenges and rewards they faced in this industry:

  • One of them has been in the trucking industry for the past 15 years. In his opinion, one of the biggest challenges is learning how to handle fuel prices. “It can drastically change within just a week! If you find that the cheapest state to get fuel in is South Carolina, just next week may be another state. As a business owner, it is important you keep track of those prices and carefully watch which state has the cheapest fuel at the given moment. Another challenge is health insurance, which is harder to get when you are self-employed.”

As for rewards, he says that his favorite thing is having the freedom to work when he wants but also to be home when needed, as opposed to working for a company and having strict working hours. Another thing he pointed out is the benefit of knowing your truck and equipment, knowing exactly how to maintain them and how they work, and knowing which shops can get any issues fixed the way he wants to.

  • Another driver we talked to has been driving since he was a teenager, and he says that the biggest challenge is understanding drivers are responsible for their safety, public safety, and the safety of their vehicles as well. Getting into an accident can take such a large toll on someone, that they may form a fear of driving, which can take years to get rid of. That’s why he advises everyone to always be 100% alert and present and never to drive tired.

He also said it’s very important to take care of your customers and to always follow the good old saying: “The customer is always right!”.

  • Another of our drivers has shared this with us: “After driving for over thirty years, I still haven’t found a thing that relaxes me quite like cruising down the road at night does, with no traffic, no noise, just me and the white noise of my engine. I have always driven solo, and I can’t imagine it any other way. I absolutely love how peaceful driving solo is.” He also pointed out that another great thing about trucking is that there are no needless meetings. “I just can’t imagine sitting at a meeting in some office. I call my dispatcher when I wake up, I’ll choose my loads, and that’s it.” As for challenges, he says that breakdowns can be one of the most stressful things. “They can happen so unexpectedly and make it impossible to work for several days, which can be quite expensive. Thankfully, you guys are very helpful about any breakdowns, which makes the whole process much smoother.”

If you’re thinking about switching to trucking, we hope these insights helped explain the positives of this industry as well as prepare you for any hardships that may come along the way. All of our drivers agree that trucking is a very specific industry and that it can’t be the perfect fit for everyone, but it can also be very rewarding if you find it’s the right call for you!

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