Since our previous blog post in which our drivers shared their insights received so much love, we created another, with more advice they wish they had known at the start.

  1. “Eat, drink, and sleep your PTIs”. One of our drivers highlights the importance of adequately doing pre-trip inspections. “Pre-trips must be done the same way every single day.” Doing regular PTIs can prevent breakdowns, which will save you a lot of money and time. We already have a text to help you with that. From preventing breakdowns to giving you peace of mind, knowing your truck will allow you to be sure that it is safe to drive and won’t put your or anyone else’s life and health at risk.
  2. “Form good habits, and become their slave. Make plans effectively. Figure out how much time you’ll need to complete the task.” Time management can be a very vital part of this industry. Understanding your schedule, as well as your deadlines is important for your image and for building relationships in the industry. Clients love drivers who aren’t late for appointments, and it helps you create a better impression of yourself.
  3. “Take your time to understand your mileage and fuel expenses before getting your own truck.” Fuel consumption can vary between different trucks and different engines so it’s very important to understand which factors can affect them before deciding which truck you would like to buy for yourself.
  4. “Invest in your equipment.“ This one can greatly improve your performance and finances.
  5. “If you are unsure which trailer to get, my advice would be to go with a dry van and stick with it for as long as you have less than five years of driving experience. I would only suggest driving a flatbed after seven years. They require way more experience because of their weight and how complex they can be for maneuvering.”
  6. Remember your responsibility, the size of your vehicle, and how easily things can escalate. “Only use the right lane, and never rush anywhere. Always follow the speed limit. “ Try to drive as responsibly and professionally as possible!
  7. In-truck hygiene is hard to manage, and you won’t always get the opportunity to shower. “A couple of things that can come in very handy are baby wipes, dry shampoo, and eco gel that solidifies when it comes in contact with liquid. I suggest using it liberally, as it can cover up any unpleasant smells.” There are also apps that allow you to collect points which you can later exchange for showers.” You can find a list of our favorite apps on one of our blog posts, to learn which ones can get you a free shower!
  8. “Don’t lose your motivation. Write a message or a letter to yourself about all the things that excite you about trucking, and revisit it when the initial excitement starts to wear off. Don’t forget what made you become a trucker. “
  9. “Don’t neglect your health.” A sedentary job like this can affect you in many ways, so make sure to find at least 20 minutes every day to get some light exercise. Even taking a walk every single day for 30 minutes can improve your health in many ways. Don’t forget to add a balanced diet to the mix
  10. “Don’t sit on your wallet!” Sitting on your wallet causes your pelvis to tilt, which can lead to multiple spine, hip, and knee issues.
  11. “Stack up on dry food.” Dry food will come in very handy, so make sure to have a nice variety in the truck.
  12. “Be careful with any heavy objects inside your cabin that may shift or fall over while driving – secure them or keep them somewhere low where they can’t fall and hurt you.”

We hope these tips will help rookie drivers and give them more insight into what awaits them. We wish you success and hope you’ll find good support in Super Ego! Sign up for our lease program and start right away!