A lease purchase requires a lot of responsibilities, but it pays off! If you’re having second thoughts about this option, we’ll help by explaining the main reasons why a lease-purchase offer is a much better choice than company driving.

You choose your own truck

You may have some very specific truck preferences, which may be disregarded if you’re a company driver since the owner is the one who chooses the truck. As a lease purchase owner, you will have the freedom to choose whichever truck you like from our yard. You will have the help of our yard managers, who will listen to your ideas and wishes regarding your dream truck. Choosing your own ride is essential for your professional confidence because you need to know exactly how your truck performs to feel comfortable building your career with it.

Financial freedom

As an owner-operator, you have the flexibility to decline the loads your dispatcher offers you, and choose which ones to accept. That means you personally decide how much you will earn. Company drivers depend on their owners when it comes to earnings since they also have a word on which loads you accept unless you negotiate differently. Company drivers also usually work for a fixed rate that is calculated per mile, whereas owner-operators work for a percentage, and they have a lot more opportunities to earn as much money as they’d like.

Walk away anytime

We understand that leasing isn’t for everyone. If you are looking to test out the trucking waters by doing a lease purchase and end up realizing it just isn’t the best fit for you, you may feel stuck. We wanted to make that process easier, which is why we created a walk-away lease. What this means is that you can simply walk away after you quit, without any penalties or contracts. You choose how long you want to stay with a company. As a company driver, the owner of your truck can fire you at any time if they feel you don’t meet their standards. Having a secure job is very important, especially for everyone providing for their families, which leads us to the next point.

Flexible Hometime

Building your own business means you will have to make some sacrifices in your personal life. But one aspect of your life that should never suffer is your family and the valuable time you get to spend with them. Going home and reconnecting with your loved ones, as well as taking some time to rest, is just as important as working hard! As a leased owner-operator, you can choose when to go home, how long you want to stay on the road, and which areas you would like to cover. As a company driver, the owner of the truck will probably make an arrangement with you about your home time. You will have to communicate with them when you can go home and how long you can stay and rest.

Great for introverts!

We must not underestimate the importance of building good relationships in your career while understanding what is ultimately best for yourself. Working with people is like playing the lottery; you can never predict how well you’ll get along with someone or if working with others might fit you in the first place. That’s why you may find that being your own boss, working for and by yourself is risk-free.

If you’re still having doubts about whether or not this is the right choice for you, feel free to give us a call at (630) 506-8869 and ask for more information. One of our recruiters will give you all the details so that you can make the right decision.