A frequent question we get from owner-operators is what kind of trucks we offer. Understandably, when you lease a truck, you want to be well-informed since it’s a pretty large investment. That’s why we decided to put together a short guide so that you can be sure you are making the right choice for your needs. It’s important to note that the models we offer were made between 2018 and 2024 and that all the information in the article may vary depending on the year the model was made. Another important thing is the fact that a very large number of trucks leave and come into our yard daily, so if you have your eye set on a specific model, keep in touch with your recruiter, who will let you know if and when your desired model is available. 

Freightliner Cascadia

The Freightliner Cascadia is one of the most popular truck models. One of the things drivers love about Cascadias is how easily they are maintained. The parts for Cascadias are fairly easy to find, which makes repairs a lot faster and cheaper than the majority of other trucks. Due to their aerodynamic design, they are excellent at fuel economy. This combination of reliability, fuel management, and easy maintenance is where their huge popularity stems from. As for their interior, these trucks are very spacious and specially designed to support living, working, sleeping, and eating in one space. They are equipped with plenty of storage space, double bunks, and a dining area with a foldable table. 

Here’s what the manufacturer says about the specifics of this model:

  • More torque at lower RPMs, which keeps the Cascadia in top gear longer and cruising at a more efficient engine speed
  • An innovative Axle Lubrication Management 2.0 (ALM2) system that regulates oil levels to reduce friction, extend gear life, and improve fuel efficiency.

Kenworth T680

This truck prides itself on its incredible fuel efficiency of 7+ miles per gallon. The manufacturer claims that this model is the most advanced, and they praise its exceptional fuel consumption, aerodynamic exterior, and engine, which has shown spectacular durability and reliability. This truck was created with long hauls in mind, which is another thing the manufacturer itself points out. Truck repairs aren’t as quick due to parts being somewhat harder to find compared to the previous model. The interior, on the other hand, is ultra-spacious. It’s also equipped with a double bunk, a large dining area, and tons of storage space. The interior is perhaps the favorite of our drivers!

International LT625

These trucks, specifically the ones with a Cummins engine, have an amazing reputation for their fuel efficiency of around 9 mpg. However, users usually point out that the sleeper is cramped. It lacks a dining area, but it has a decent amount of storage space. Therefore, this truck may be a better option for single drivers than for team drivers. The cab, on the other hand, is very spacious, and the dash is designed with a driver’s needs in mind, according to the International team, which claims to have done extensive research. With proper maintenance, this model has incredible durability and has shown outstanding performance. 

Peterbilt 579

The first thing you notice is a sleek, aerodynamic design that aids in fuel efficiency while minimizing wind resistance. Compared to Peterbilt’s previous models, the 579 has a 7% fuel economy improvement. Peterbilt has a reputation for using high-quality materials to build reliable trucks and ensure durability and longevity. This reliability translates into reduced maintenance costs and increased uptime for drivers and fleet operators. It also has a variety of safety features to protect the driver, as well as the outside traffic. When it comes to the interior of the truck, the users say it makes all rides incredibly smooth due to its comfortable, sound-proof cabin. 

Volvo VNL 760

The VNL 760 prioritizes driver comfort and satisfaction. It features a spacious and ergonomic cab design with plenty of storage space, adjustable seats, and advanced sound insulation that will help you remain focused and undisturbed. This truck also has many safety features for added security. Telematics technologies allow fleet managers to monitor vehicle performance, optimize fuel efficiency, and track maintenance schedules.

If you still aren’t sure which truck model is the right one for you, rest assured, because our yard managers will be happy to help you! Once you start the orientation, they will take you on a tour across our yard to show you available models so that you can inspect them in person, ask any questions you may have, and be sure you are making the right choice. If you would like to visit our yard and take a look at our trucks, you can apply now and begin your orientation as early as tomorrow! Make sure to have at least 4 months of experience with CDL Class A before you apply!