Dispatch’s focus is committed to building relationships with drivers, and forming routes in line with the market rates. Every new week, the drivers have to talk to their dispatchers and form a plan together about running lanes. Being on the road can be hard, there can be a lot of adversity. That is why plan-changing is also apparent during the week.

Do we have 24/7 support from our dispatchers?

 Yes, our dispatchers are working from 07:00 AM until 04:00 PM Monday to Friday. There are after-hours & weekend dispatcher teams working throughout the whole night, in case of unforeseen situations & in case you need any kind of help with loads.

Do we run loads through all states?

 We drive through all states except Hawaii & Alaska.

Can we choose where to go?

 Yes, as an owner-operator you are free to choose wherever you want to go with your loads.

Can we expect to have a load every single day?

 Drivers are choosing their loads and how many miles they want to run. They have coverage 24/7 through dispatch. If they take a longer run, they should expect a reload going in a direction they choose.

How much gross each week can we expect?

 Depending on how many loads are delivered and miles covered. In the window of Monday through Sunday, including all day Sunday.

What about Canada and Mexico?

 We are not running outside of the USA.

Does the broker pay for deadhead miles?

 No, but we always try to negotiate it with the broker so our driver can cover the cost of empty and loaded miles.

What is a Layover or Truck Ordered Not Used (TONU)?

 Layover is a charge that the broker pays for every hour after the first 2 or 3 hours being at the shipper/receiver. TONU is a charge that the broker pays if he sold us a load that is not ready or already shipped.

Should I take bad commodities (scrap, baled, etc.)?

 No, we do not recommend taking a bad commodity that can damage your trailer, which will cause getting rejected on some pickups.

Do I need Tanker Endorsement or TWIC card?

We do recommend that you have one, sometimes you can get a better-paying load if you possess those.

We hope our article helped clarify any confusion you might have had. Our dispatchers will help you find the best loads at the best prices so that you can enjoy your leasing experience.