In the rapidly evolving world of transportation, telematics is becoming an essential part of a trucker’s daily life. One innovation making significant strides in this direction is the integration of front-facing cameras in trucks. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of these cameras and how they are shaping the future of trucking.

Dashcams have a widespread adoption in personal vehicles. However, more truck companies have recently decided to integrate them into their commercial trucks. Drivers have shared mixed opinions on front-facing cameras and will even sometimes decline a job offer out of the discomfort caused by being monitored throughout their shift.

The majority of the time, driver-facing cameras are a component of a larger video telematics system. The pros of front-facing cameras may include accident prevention by providing real-time monitoring and alerts for potential collisions. Advanced systems equipped with AI algorithms can detect road hazards and distracted driving.

Carriers are adding driver-facing cameras for a variety of reasons, and one of them is that it increases their chances of avoiding accountability in the event of an accident. Installing driver-facing cameras is just one method that trucking companies can use to cut back on their rising insurance costs.

Driver-facing cameras can prove one’s innocence in the event of an accident or traffic violation that would not have been noticed otherwise. The majority of drivers will point out that dash cams – cameras that face the dashboard and record what the driver sees – are intended for just that purpose while driver-facing cameras can clear a driver if they are being accused of driving while distracted.

Despite the resentment many drivers feel about being monitored while driving, fleets are quickly adopting the technology as a new weapon in the battle against jury verdicts that might force them out of business.

When drivers learn that this technology is about to be adopted, they frequently show a lot of instant hostility. No matter how brief the journey, some drivers find it unsettling to imagine their managers secretly watching them from time to time. Long-haul truckers even asserted that their trucks are where they live because they frequently sleep and dine there.

Being watched in your OTR home may bring a lot of discomfort, and rightfully so. This is why we stand strongly against front-facing cameras, as we want our drivers to feel pleasant, and enjoy their peace during their downtime. We highly encourage our drivers to consider installing dashcams in their trucks, but we appreciate your privacy and wouldn’t force front-facing cameras on our drivers. If you would like to become a part of a company that values your personal time, you can apply here or give us a call at (630)506-8869