Cargo theft isn’t merely an inconvenience; for truckers and businesses, it can be a disaster. We want to help truckers protect their load against potential threats, so here are some tips we’ve collected for you, the tokens of our appreciation and concern!

Why, Where, and When Cargo Theft Can Happen

In 2022, supply chain problems brought on by inflation were one of the main causes of cargo theft. Due to their high value, some items, like computer graphics cards, were among the most often targeted products. The most dangerous places in 2021 were truck stops, warehouses, and distribution hubs. Last year, parking lots were second.

More freight is at rest and unattended on weekends and during holidays. Between Friday and Sunday, over half of all cargo thefts take place, with Friday being the most frequent theft day. Additionally, businesses may be especially vulnerable on Friday afternoons, when there is a greater demand to get cargo off the dock. The burglars anticipate that the pressure of moving the freight will result in less verification of identification at pickup.

How to Prevent Cargo Theft

  1. Invest in high-quality locks, seals, and barriers. Standard locks have proven to be very efficient in cargo theft prevention. Opt for durable, heavy-duty locks since burglars will typically only bother with cargo that’s easy and quick to get to. The longer it takes them to break through, the more they are at risk of grabbing someone’s attention. Some options you should look into are kingpin locks, air-cuff locks, and landing gear locks to protect your cargo.
  2. Vary your transit routes, if and when possible.
  3. Avoid leaving your truck in dark spots. Opt for spots that are well-lit and preferably monitored by cameras. But you should also be aware that surveillance cameras are often aimed at the pumps and not the lots.
  4. Regularly audit security procedures to ensure they are being followed. Rather than responding to actions, anticipate them. Since cargo thefts can be planned and selective, it is advisable to take in-transit security into account while choosing a shipment’s route.
  5. Alternatively, you may want to consider investing in a good camera or using modern technological advancements such as geo-fencing, real-time tracking, and smart locks to help you keep track of your load. These tools can make you feel more secure.

Protecting cargo isn’t just about safeguarding goods; it’s about ensuring the livelihoods of countless individuals. If we stay informed, use available technology, and foster a collaborative community spirit, the road ahead can be made safer and more secure for everyone.

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