How to Get Zero Down Semi Truck Financing

A common question we’ve been getting lately is “Do you offer zero down semi truck financing program?”

Well, the answer is absolute yes! We have several programs for both first-time owner-operators.

You are buying the truck and will own it at the end of the contract. A loan requires a weekly payment which is between the usual 3-5-year range. Used vehicles may be better suited to financing contracts but brand-new trucks are waiting for you as well.

Leasing Program

Our Program is a smart way to grow your fleet and minimize risk. Providing maximum flexibility, low start-up cost and low monthly payments on a quality, late-model trucks. We provide the following with our leasing program:

  • Free Trailer Tracking
  • Reduce Insurance Costs
  • Reduce Maintenance and Overhead Costs
  • Release working capital, avoid redicual risk
  • Flexible Lease Terms, ranging from short term rent to long term leases
  • Keep it as long as you like, return it when you no longer need it
  • Optimal fleet balance – Mix rented, leased and owned trailers to keep your finances and fleet flexible