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We Value Our Female Drivers – Here Are Some Tips to Keep You Safe Over The Road!

We Value Our Female Drivers

At Super Ego Holding, we are proud to work with our female drivers. We understand the added obstacles that come with being a lease operator and addressing the added needs for your safety. So, here are a few tips to help you stay safe out there, over the road.

Always lock your doors!

Make sure that your doors are locking properly. It is recommended that you check your locking mechanisms every day and make it a routine to lock your doors as soon as you enter your tractor cab. Consider getting anti-theft locks for your trucks for added safety. 

Pre-plan your parking stops

Before every shift, try to pre-plan your final destination for that day. Your parking spot should be: 

  1. In a well-lit area: avoid dark spots by all means!
  2. In a populated area: make sure that you are surrounded by a high volume of traffic or business that are open 24 hours a day. Just in case of an emergency. 
  3. In an area close to the front of the establishment so that your cab is highly visible. 

Be mindful of people approaching you

Be mindful of strangers, especially at night, while fuelling and going to and from the fuelling station desk. If you feel like you need it, pretend you are talking to someone on the phone, especially if you find yourself stuck in a place where there aren’t many people. You can find pre-recorded phone call-like audios online that you can play in such situations.

Be alert – watch your surroundings thoroughly

Before leaving the truck, check your surroundings – how many people are there? If the place is relatively empty, try finding an alternative spot to park. By all means, avoid being alone with people who seem to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

Wear reflective clothing when walking outside of your tractor-trailer at night

Reflective vests will make you more visible if you want to leave your truck at night somewhere by the road, to ensure the drivers in the passing vehicles notice you. 

Try to shower and purchase all your necessities during the daylight hours

 Some women have reported dressing in masculine, loose clothes when they had to leave the truck at night to try and avoid any potentially problematic situations. Try to shower in gender-specific bathrooms. 

Listen for strange noises

If you enter your truck after leaving it and you hear something strange or see your belongings disturbed, leave your truck immediately and call 911! We would advise our female drivers to consider carrying pepper spray, whistles, and sharp or blunt objects like baseball bats with them if they are driving alone. 

Do a proper pre-trip inspection

Always remember to check your tire pressure to avoid unnecessary breakdowns that might leave you on the side of the road at night, awaiting roadside services by yourself. 

Plan your fuel stops

Check online which fuel stops in your area are usually the busiest and well-lit. Try to take breaks at stops you’ve visited before and feel safe at. 

Be prepared for self-defense scenarios 

As mentioned above, try always carrying sharp objects (even keys) or aerosols that can be sprayed into an attacker’s face. It’s best to look for aerosols with a larger shooting distance to avoid getting close to the attacker. Wear comfortable shoes if you need to run away, and use a flashlight when leaving your truck at night. 

Consider driving in company

If you still feel like driving alone might be problematic for you, consider team driving with a person you trust or getting a dog that will not only keep you safe but would also keep you company so you wouldn’t feel lonely while driving. Super Ego does offer a pet and passenger policy!

We wish you much success and hope that these tips will help you stay safe on the road. Just remember, we’d do everything we can to support and encourage female drivers at Super Ego Holding.

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