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Protect Yourself with Injury Prevention

Protect Yourself with Injury Prevention

Truck drivers must deal with many hazards over the road. But sometimes it is not the hazard that happens while driving a truck that causes the most injuries to truck drivers. Most accidents come from being careless and not being aware of potential hazards. We will touch on a few tips that will help you be prepared to prevent an injury.


Let’s start with your footwear. Understandably, it is a must to try to save money in many ways, but denying yourself proper footwear is not one of them. Having the wrong shoes in a specific working environment could cause an accident, a loss of a limb, or even death. So, it’s advised that you wear premium gear with the following features:

Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are very common, especially in wet, dark, and high places. First, let’s talk about getting in and out of your semi-truck or the back of your trailer. When doing it, you should always use three points of contact: two feet on a solid surface and one hand having a firm grip on something that can support your body weight or vice versa, two hands holding onto something and one foot on solid ground.


While Driving

We understand that there are some things that you can’t control. As professional drivers, it is important to know your limits but also, to watch out. Knowing yourself and your truck will help you minimize your risk of injury.

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