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Listening to music while driving? Here is some advice for your safety!

Listening to music while driving. Here is some advice for your safety!

Even though listening to music while on the road can be fun, and we’re for it, music can be distracting when listened to at a high volume. Studies have shown that listening to your favorite tunes can be distracting and cause a slower reaction time, making you less focused on the road and more focused on the song. Furthermore, researchers at Memorial University in Newfoundland discovered that listening to loud music can slow a person’s reaction time by as much as 20%. One BGU study found that driving while listening to upbeat, loud music caused an increase in heart rate – as measured by heart monitors. Fast-paced music can make people drive recklessly, lose accuracy, make mistakes, or even become aggressive.

According to a new study by Auto Express magazine and the road safety organization IAM RoadSmart, listening to heavy metal music while driving can make drivers lose their composure and drive more recklessly. The study carried out by Base Performance Simulators utilizing a high-tech racing rig, discovered that heavy metal music resulted in a 14-second slower lap time and more jerky throttle motions compared to a controlled lap without music.  

It’s interesting to note that listening to classical music while driving may not be much better because it promotes excessive relaxation and hinders driving speed. According to the study, hearing Bach’s Goldberg Variations made participants’ lap times 12 seconds slower, and their top speed in 50 mph zones dropped to 35 mph.

We are aware that music alone has the power to uplift us. There is proof that music releases the same feel-good hormones as a hug from loved ones, whether you’re listening through headphones in the gym or a set of speakers at home. Brain development, learning, mood, and even health are all influenced by music. Music causes the brain’s pleasure regions to release dopamine, which causes happiness. Driving while listening to music helps reduce stress-related hormones such as cortisol and anxiety. According to research, listening to music can boost the immune system’s antibodies and cells that defend against bacteria and other harmful intruders. 

The best tunes to listen to while driving are slow-paced, pop songs that won’t enhance your mood. Many people have created great Spotify playlists perfect for driving – feel free to suggest yours! We wish you happy cruising while listening to great tunes! 

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