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11 Best Apps for Truckers

11 best driver apps

Some of these apps will assist you in trip planning, others will offer you the opportunity to exchange points for rewards, and some will even take care of your well-being. We hope you will find these apps helpful on your trucking journey!

Trucker Path

This app has a built-in map that shows over 7,000 truck stops. It also shows areas with low bridges so you can plan your trip ahead to avoid them, places where you can park overnight and other free parking spots, and lastly, it shows weigh stations and scales.



This is the app our dispatchers use to communicate with drivers. It is used to scan documentation by taking pictures of your paperwork, as well as receive and send documentation, and it notifies you when a payment comes through. You can also use it to communicate with your dispatcher, accept or decline loads, confirm pick-ups, and report accidents.


Pilot Flying J

After a survey in which the majority of drivers said they would enjoy a free shower, the Flying J and Pilot team decided to allow its drivers to use fueling points for a free daily shower. The app also allows you to reserve a parking spot and a shower, as well as earn a free meal on your birthday. There are plenty of other deals that you can use, such as buy one, get one free.


Love’s connect

It will show a map of the nearest Love’s stations so that you can plan your fuel stops. It also allows you to book your showers and collect points, which you can later exchange for rewards.



This app shows over 700 weigh stations and inspection sites, allowing you to bypass them completely legally. There are some downsides to this app, like the fact that it isn’t free, or that it doesn’t cover all states, but it is very effective at alerting you when there is a weigh station or inspection site at least two miles away from you if you have a transponder that you can connect with the app.


Trucker Tools

Another addition to make your trip planning easier. Similarly to the previous two apps, Trucker Tools will also show you nearby truck stops and other places where you can park and rest, weigh stations, and places where you can grab something to eat.



Traffic congestion, roadwork, and accidents can delay you pretty badly, and to assist, Waze offers real-time traffic updates by notifying you of potential hazards. It also calculates and updates your ETA as you drive, letting you know when you should expect to arrive at your location.


Weigh My Truck

You can weigh your truck without even leaving it by using this app. Created by the CAT Scale Company, it shows CAT scales, and you can receive all the information, including a PDF receipt, through it. Bonus: You can pay using the app too.


Rolling Strong

This fitness app was created purposely for truck drivers, to help them take care of their health and wellness. It showcases workouts that demand no equipment, being specifically designed for being on the road, but you can also keep track of your eating and sleeping habits. It will also show nearby gyms with parking spots, so you won’t have to worry about your truck while you workout.



In order to keep distracting phone notifications away while driving, developers have created this app that allows you to hide phone calls and texts. This app uses GPS which recognizes when you’re driving, so it mutes notifications automatically. It will, however, allow you to make emergency phone calls.



My Radar is a great weather app for truckers because it can alert you at least two hours in advance when it’s going to rain, and give plenty of other information such as its duration and the intensity of the rain. This app will also inform you of any windstorms, which can affect your driving and potentially become hazardous.

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