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10 things every truck driver should have

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You will inevitably encounter situations on the road for which you want to be prepared. We already published an informative post about winter essentials, so we figured a text covering proper equipment and tools to help you through almost any unforeseen circumstance would be best to publish next!

Being prepared can prevent an over-the-road service call and save you a lot of money!

    1. Tool Bag– Although there are many tools a truck driver should have, below is a list of the most recommended ones:
      • Screwdriver set
      • Tire tread gauge
      • Pliers and vice grips
      • Hammer
      • Pry bar
      • Bungee cords of assorted sizes
      • Wire cutter
      • Tire thumper
      • Electrical tape
      • Gorilla tape
      • Teflon tape
      • Airline inflation hose
      • Utility knife
      • Tire repair kit
      • Zip ties 
      • Crescent Wrenches
    2. Trucker GPS System –A GPS intended for semi-trucks is a must-have. We don’t recommend using a GPS designed for cars – the one intended for semi-trucks can allow you to set parameters that will help you avoid low bridge clarences, tight curves, and weight restrictions.
    3. Citizens Band Radio (CB) –With the technology available today, the old-fashioned CB radio might be considered an outdated piece of equipment. But in many situations, a CB radio is still pretty useful – for example, some shippers and receivers require you to check in using a CB upon arrival. A CB also allows drivers to communicate with each other and discuss potential road hazards and closures.
    4. Safety Clothing –You should always have the necessary safety clothing to do your job effectively. Those include:
      • Hard hat
      • Gloves
      • Safety glasses
      • Reflective vest
      • Long sleeve shirt and pants
    5. Extra Headlight Bulbs/Fuses –Parts can fail at any given time and it’s best to be prepared for that. Our recommendation is to have at least two extra headlight bulbs, side marker lights, trailer bulbs, etc. Also, you should have extra fuses, in case they break when you need them the most.
    6. Road Atlas – A road atlas might save you if you are unable to use your GPS for any reason.
    7. Front-Facing Video Camera –Drivers should have a front-facing camera in case of an incident where a fault is questionable. With proper evidence, you can support your driving claims.
    8. An Extra Set of Ignition Keys –Ever had a case of an accidental lockout? Then you know you should make a spare set as soon as possible and wear them even as a fashion statement, around your neck with a lanyard, or you can attach them to your belt. With this small precaution, in case you break your key or lock yourself out of your truck you can save yourself time and money.
    9. Extra Lubricants/Fluids –A seasoned driver will always tell you to have some extra lubricants and fluids on your truck in case of emergencies. We recommend at least 1 gallon of the following:
      • Windshield wiper fluid,
      • Oil
      • Antifreeze coolant.
      • An all-purpose grease tube, as well as other greasable agents.
    10. Extra Air Lines/Glad Hand Seals –A failure of an air line can happen at any time. Having at least one set of lines on hand can avert losing time and probably save you hundreds of dollars.
      • (1) Service line (Blue)
      • (1) Emergency line (Red)
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